AdvanClim solution comprehends 5 components: AdvanSol, AdvanVent Air displacement, proprietary Control Software, underfloor heating & cooling and water- water chillers. By putting together these components, Hemera has managed to create an ultra efficient heating and cooling system that is both more comfortable and more efficient. In fact with Hemera’s AdvanClim®, annual energy savings can reach to 65% on average. 


  • Heat in winter, cooling in summer, and sanitary hot water all year round

  • Maximum comfort feeling for people

  • Noise free running

  • Reduce legionella and bacterial colonies risk

  • Keeps heating & cooling inner conditions for a long time (thermal inertia) whenever a failure of the system or an electricity supply disruption occurs.


Consumption and energy costs

  • Use of renewable energy

  • Has a very low energy consumption and therefore low energy costs

  • Low installation cost or, if higher than the one of a traditional system, guarantees investment return in less than 4 years thanks to the energy savings obtained

  • Low maintenance cost


Architectonical integration


  • Practically invisible from outside

  • Takes little space of the roof

  • Reduce pipes and plenums volume to the minimum


Running and maintenance


  • Strong and long-lasting: Immune to impacts, no freezing nor overheating risks


The AdvanClim system includes a Control Software, developed by Hemera. This Software, which can be used through a tactile screen, is responsible for the management and monitoring of the diverse system parameters, guaranteeing its efficiency.