In summer, AdvanSol roof cools the water that gets to a water to water heating pump, thus reducing its energy. In winter heats the water that gets to the heating pump.


AdvanSol® Module performs the following functions:


  • Transfers captured solar energy to the water closed circuit of the HVAC system

  • Dissipates thermal energy derived from the HVAC system necessary for cooling the building in the summer, through daytime adiabatic
    evaporation and nighttime radiation.


Main applications:

  • Dissipate heat in the summer and capture heat in winter

  • Enable water-water chiller-based HVAC systems

  • Heat dissipation of absorption machines

  • Dissipation of hot water from industrial processes

  • Replacement of cooling towers


AvdanSol roof not only saves energy but also
gives a number of benefits:


  • Energy savings in heating, cooling and hot water

  • Easy architectonical integration
    - Height< 1 m
    - Requires little surface (from 3% to 5% of the surface considered)*

  • Requires no reinforcement of the surface it is settled on
    - Weight < 25 kg/m2

  • Lack of noise and vibrations

  • It doesn’t include mobile mechanical parts of any kind
    - Highly reliable

  • Use of an auxiliary air to water machine to cover long periods without sun
    - Strong system with little maintenance requirements

  • No freezing nor overheating risk, no mobile mechanical parts.
    - Minimize legionella scattering risk

  • Aerosol scattering considerably lower if compared to refrigerating towers

  • Low risk ranked, within the same category of park fountains and irrigation systems


The AdvanSol® panels, stand alone (combined with other primary systems) or integrated within AdvanClim®, address the whole heating and cooling market generating significant savings.