AdvanVent displacement ventilation reduces even more energy consumption and provides higher comfort and air quality levels.


The Heating & Cooling traditional system introduces air at low temperature and high speed, being mixed with the air of the rooms. Refrigerated air is recirculated to reduce energy consumption.


AdvanVent displacement ventilation offers:

  • The air introduced is only the necessary one to ventilate the building


  • It is introduced air at a moderate temperature and at low speed.


  • Hot air is expelled, instead of mixing it with refrigerated air.


  • Air is not recirculated and no turbulence takes place.


  • Energy consumption savings


  • Expels convective thermal loads
    - It works at temperatures close to comfort ones
    - Drives little air flow
    - It works only on the occupied area
    - Only where it is necessary- 
    - Allows a higher use of free-cooling
    - Reduces consumption on last floor
    - Makes it unnecessary the use of fans and recirculation filtres


  • Provides higher comfort level.


  • Ensures a cleaner and healthier air.


  • Reduces colds incidence.