Εξελιγμένες λύσεις Ψύξης & Θέρμανσης





Progetti operates in the energy conditioning and heating applications. The company's objective is to develop integrated and energy efficient solutions to individual residential applications, commercial establishments, hotels and industrial units etc., In order to successfully meet all the requirements of its customers.

In all our projects we emphasize the use of energy saving systems with innovative products, offering integrated solutions, such as:


• Heating using energy fireplaces - high thermal efficiency boilers.

• Heating with INVERTER heat pump.

• Air conditioning technology high performance VRV.

• multi-split systems Inverterme variety of indoor units.

• Ventilation commercial properties with EC technology.

• Gross domestic hot water production systems.

• Underfloor heating.

• Cooling commercial properties with innovative products.

• Cool

• Central vacuum cleaner systems etc.


For all the above, we cover all stages of development, from design, installation to maintenance and repair. Our goal is to improve comfort conditions, as well as reduce operating costs.

All our products are backed by official factory warranties.


The company, with a view to cover all electrical and construction work, has a well trained and skilled staff freelance consisting of engineers, engineers, designers, electricians, plumbers and other specialties.