Heating using energy ecological fireplaces - high thermal efficiency boilers of Italian firm Ecosystem and energy efficient heat pumps. All those heating systems  can be easily combined with solar panels, freestanding gas and hot water storage units.


Heating categories


PROGETTI as the exclusive agent of ECOSYSTEM company, based in Italy, introduces in the Greek market the high-tech pellet and biomass heating systems.


Pellets belong into the category of renewable energy and can be produced from wood waste and agricultural crops and cultivation of energy crops. It is in compressed form, diameter 6mm-8mm length 10mm-50mm.


Without any question it is a competitive fuel already compared to oil, gas and electricity not only as about the cost but also comparing the easy usage and reliability of the technology.


Why use Pellet burning appliances?


• It is cheaper to use than petroleum.

• Is consistent quality and moisture (8-10%).

• It is clean and easy to use and stored in packages of 15 kg.

• Burning showing greater than 93%.

• No continuous feeding is required because they have tank for fuel. 

  You need to fill a couple of times a week (depending on the use and operation intensity).

• The warmth and feel of fire is the same as wood.

• They can cover ecological and fully needs to heat an average house 

  without the use of another heat source.


In the recent couple of years, rapid development of inverter technology has allowed the construction and development of high efficiency heating pumps. The continued increase in the price of fuel traditionally used for heating (oil, gas, etc.) combined with the ever decreasing cost of acquisition of the heat pump makes heating pumps a more attractive option. Heating pumps can meet the needs for heating, cooling and hot water.


In this category we present species are suitable for heating in:


• Commercial Premises

• Industrial Properties

• Factories

• Repair

• Restaurants

• Cafes etc.,


and in household applications such as:


• Terraces

• Pergolas


• Warehouses

• Holiday rentals etc.