Advanced INVERTER technology air conditioning systems creating the perfect temprature conditions  in all seasons of the  year at residences, restaurants, shops, offices, hotels etc. Seasonal efficiency gives an indication on how efficient an air conditioner operates over an entire heating or cooling season.


We provide optimum energy efficient products that meet European standards. They can be combined with heating systems, heat exchangers, refrigeration units, air curtains and hot water supplies, creating a fully integrated solution with optimum energy efficiency.

Conditioning Categories


Choosing the right conditioning system brings maximum efficiency and hence the comfort in the room.

A number of important advantages offered conditioners supplied by our company is the high performance, quiet operation, the guaranteed energy savings.



In the field of air conditioning of industrial spaces and buildings requires effective solutions to meet the maximum needs. Having extensive experience in design and installation of industrial air conditioning systems we recommend the best solution for high performance and maximum energy savings.



The VRV systems are an innovative air management solution that provides comfort and control, while has the minimum impact at the environment and off course they are providing significant energy savings to users of this type of conditioning.


Thanks to the highly efficient heat recovery technology, the VRV is a comprehensive approach to heating, cooling, ventilation in medium in large residential buildings. Specifically, the waste heat from indoor units in cooling mode can be reused to produce hot water or to heat other rooms, plus increasing the energy efficiency of the system and reducing carbon emissions.


VRV offers total control so you can achieve the perfect balance of temperature, circulation of fresh air and moisture. The ability to control each individual zones means you can individually adjust the air conditioning in every room and intelligently manage power consumption by controlling where there will be heating and cooling where.


Progetti offers a flexible design of the VRV system so you can choose the right combination of units to their easy management for optimal energy efficiency of your residence, working space or building.



At the last couple of years, the rapid development of inverter technology has allowed the construction and development of high efficiency heat pumps.

The continuous increase in the price of fuel traditionally used for heating (oil, gas, etc.) combined with the ever decreasing cost of acquisition of the heat pump makes heat pumps a more attractive option. Heat pumps can meet the needs for heating, cooling and hot water.